Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to our group and want to know more about us, check this list for some questions we are often asked.

Q: Where did you get your name?
Right after Osama Bin Laden was captured, the Ducks were out on a recon mission late one night and someone remarked that we were like SEAL Team 6, going in after this elusive dog. Another Duck replied that we weren’t nearly as stealthy as the SEALs; we were more like Ducks. And the name stuck.

Q: How do you capture the dogs?
We use a variety of approaches, depending on the situation. Our primary concern is for the safety of the dogs we are trying to rescue. If we think can capture them with a humane trap, we always try that first. It is the least traumatizing for the dog and ensures that nobody is hurt during a capture.

Q: How long does it take to get a dog off the streets?
Again, it depends. A rescue can take an hour, or it can take several months. Stormie was rescued in 30 minutes. Norah took over four months to capture.

Q: How can I help?
Our primary need is foster homes. We get emails and phone calls daily about dogs who need help, but we cannot pick up every dog we see and bring them to our homes. We need fosters and rescue groups that are willing to take a chance on a street dog. Once we have a place for a dog to go, we can deploy.

Our secondary need is for funding and supplies. We always need medium sized collars, gift cards to pet supplies stores, money for other rescue equipment, and slip leashes. You can donate to our group via Paypal at

Q: There is a stray dog in my neighborhood that I feed. Can you come get him?
If you have a home where the dog will live, either temporarily in a foster home or permanently as someone’s family pet, we will try to help you. We ask that you fill out a “Request for Assistance” form so that we can get as much information as we can about the dog. Once we receive that form, we will contact you and start the process of trying to capture the dog.

Q: I just saw a loose dog. Can you come get it?

We wish we could help every dog in need. Because our volunteers have jobs and other commitments, they’re not able to get to the last reported location for a dog immediately. Dogs are mobile so by the time someone could get there, the dog would likely be gone.

To help the dog, put dog food out, in a safe place away from the road, and begin a feeding plan. Over time, this will result in the dog returning regularly.  Once the dog is in a known place, the dog can be captured if there is a safe place to go.

 These two links from our Resources can help: and

Q: I saw an injured dog. Can you come get it?

If you see an injured dog, call your local animal control.  This way, the dog can be taken to a shelter to have his/her needs addressed quickly. In most cases, you can get the ID number of the dog and you can reach out to rescue groups to see if they can help the dog get out of the shelter.

 Please keep in mind that we always have several dogs that we are trying to catch at any given time, and we may not be able to “deploy” right away. We all work full time jobs and volunteer for Duck Team 6 in our free time, so our rescue missions are generally scheduled on nights and weekends.

Semper Woof!