Request for Assistance

Thank you for helping a stray dog in need. We get many requests, so first we need to better understand the situation and make sure you have already lined up a safe place for the dog to go once caught. DT6 is a group of friends and we all have full time jobs and our own dogs to care for, so unfortunately we are unable to assist in catching the hard-to-catch dogs until a foster home is already lined up.

** Please note: This form is for people who need assistance in CAPTURING a dog. If you already have the dog in your possession, please read the info on Rehoming a Pet on the DT6 website.

Please fill out the following questionnaire and provide as much detail as possible. If you are seeking help for multiple dogs, please fill out one form for each dog.

If you have only fed a dog once, then please read the info on How to Create a Feeding Routine on the DT6 website. Wait until you have fed the dog at least 5 times before submitting this request.

Fill out my online form.