"The mission of Duck Team 6 is to reduce the street dog population through Capture, Placement, and Outreach."

Since 2010, we've captured hundreds of dogs from the streets and found permanent, loving homes for them. We rely on your support to help us continue to bring awareness to the stray, abused, neglected, and homeless dogs in the Dallas area.


Duck Team 6 captures for elusive dogs that need to be rescued and off the streets. Sometimes Good Samaritans notify us about dogs that need to be rescued, and sometimes we find these dogs on our own. In many cases, they are hurt, in heat, malnourished, or in danger of being hit by oncoming traffic. A search & capture mission can take days, weeks, or even months. Whenever someone steps up and agrees to take a street dog into their home or rescue group, the Ducks will deploy!


DT6 works with several area rescue groups to find forever homes for our former street dogs. Currently, we have many dogs in our care and would like to find permanent, loving homes for them so that we can concentrate on rescuing more dogs from the streets. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs or fostering a dog that is currently in boarding, please let us know!


Our Community Outreach program helps Dallas residents who are struggling to provide adequate care for their beloved pets. We work with SoupMobile to provide pet food to low-income families, and also assist with basic vet care like vaccinations and sterilization and sometimes even emergency surgery. We've also been able to provide dog houses and fencing for families so their pets don't have to live on a chain.